NSC Executive Committee
No good deed goes unpunished

Following elections, the NSC Executive Committee now consists of the following dedicated volunteers.  In addition to being parents and volunteer coaches, these individuals devote countless hours to make the beautiful game available to your children.  Be sure to tell them "Thanks!" next time you see one of them.


Position Contact
Jason Grubb President Jason.Grubb @northshoreselect.org
Laura Nordyke Executive VP Laura.Nordyke@northshoreselect.org
Josh Hofstead VP Development JoshHofstead@northshoreselect.org
Brian Fadely VP Competition Brian.Fadely@northshoreselect.org
Robin O’Donnell VP Operations Robin.ODonnell@northshoreselect.org
Ryne Hill VP Selection Ryne.Hill@northshoreselect.org

Hyla Bean

Registrar (Boys)


Simon Lie Registrar (Girls) Simon.Lie@northshoreselect.org
Heather Sabatini Past President Heather.Sabatini@northshoreselect.org
Pravina Mistry Treasurer Pravina.Mistry@northshoreselect.org
Shannon Cortinas Secretary Shannon.Cortinas@northshoreselect.org