Raj Mann

Coach Name : Raj Mann
Coaching Experience : Recreational Soccer - 6 years, Select Soccer - 4 years
Coaching License(s) : USSF E License, NSCAA Level 5, partial NSCAA Level 6
RMA # : 68853-837952
Playing Experience : Vancouver, BC: Metro Division 1 Men's League and College
Email :  Raj.Mann@NorthshoreSelect.org
Favorite Player : Dennis Bergkamp
Favorite Team : Wolverhampton Wanderers and Real Madrid
Favorite Quote :  "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretzky
Personal Note :

Soccer is there to bring about moments of creativity, excitement, and positive experiences in people, no matter their skin color, gender, religion or any other characteristics. It’s open to everyone who loves “the beautiful game” and welcomes all equally.