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In any given year, we will have between 75 and 150 qualified and screened coaches associated with our teams. The term coach is used to describe any member of the coaching staff including head coach, assistant coaches, and trainers. Continuing education is a requirement for all head coaches.   While all of our staff are volunteers, we do require coaches maintain an appropriate level of credentials including having head coaches seek a USSF "E" license or equivalent and pass a rigorous Washington State Patrol sponsored Risk Management process. The Risk Management program mandates that all staff be properly screened with background checks performed every two years as long as the volunteer is active in youth soccer.  Coaches for all teams will be announced prior to tryouts for each age group. 

Coach applications are accepted prior to season start and applicants are scheduled for interviews with members of the NSC Program. Coaches are selected and assigned for one season at a time and are evaluated by players, parents and program administrators for fitness to continue with the program. 

Coaching within the NSC Program is viewed as a privilege.    

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We are very proud of the value our coaching staff brings to the NSC program. If you are considering applying for an NSC coaching position, we'd love to hear from you. 


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The NSC Program wholly embraces and supports the NYSA Coach Agreement found on the NYSA website. Agreement with both the NYSA Coach Agreement and the NSC Coach Agreement & Expectations statement are prerequisites to participating in any capacity in conjunction with the instruction and management of NSC teams.

We typically solicit for Coach Applications between January and April of each year.  The Coach Application can be completed and sent in to the NSC Executive Committee at the email address below any time.Our coaching roles are typically filled before April for the up coming season. 

If you love coaching and want to know more about our NSC coach program, please contact at info@northshoreselect.org



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