Tryout Fees & Registration

Registration can be completed online on the Northshore Youth Soccer Association website  under Parent...Tyouts, or can be completed in person at the specified tryout location.  We would encourage you to register your child online, it speeds up the process at the tryout and helps us better prepare for the number of players we expect to see at each age group. Please note: Registering your child to play soccer on the NYSA website is not the same as registering them for NSC tryouts.

There is a $20 tryout processing fee that is charged to each prospective player.  

Once you get to the Northshore Youth Soccer Association website you will need to log on to register your player for tryouts. Click on the logon link on the home page.

This will take you to the logon page:

Once you have logged in, you will need to go to the Parent tab on the left navigation. Once the parent tab is expanded, you can either click on the "Tryouts" link on the left hand side in the Table of Contents OR you can click the "Register a Player for NSC Tryouts" link in the middle at the top.


Click on the Tryouts link and you will be taken to a screen which shows your child(ren). Click on the word "Register" in the Action column and you will be taken to the page to submit you tryout registration and payment.


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