2018 Tryout Schedule
2018/2019 season

Registration for tryouts is now open on the NYSA site !  Click here for registration details.


We now have all field information available. Please keep checking back in case there are changes.


Click on the age group to the left for details


The youngest age group (U10) is exclusively for the 2009 birth year and does not have a play-up model. This means that anybody born after 2009 will have to wait until they hit that U10 bracket. More information for our youngest age group (U10) 


Please e-mail info@northshoreselect.org if you have any further questions. 


Top 3 questions we are asked :

Q/ What session number do I need to attend?

A/ The sessions are broken down alpha order by last/surname. We’ll calculate and update the website with the session details in advance of the tryouts.

Q/ I can only make one of the days – what do I do?

A/ All players are encouraged to attend both Day 1 and Day 2 tryouts however 1 session is enough for you to get an evaluation score.

Q/I can’t make tryouts due to an injury or vacation – what do I do?

A/ Register online so you can be accounted for in your age group selection pool.


For more 'frequently asked questions' see our tryout FAQ