Player Safety

We take your safety seriously.  Coaches are required to have at least 2 or more adults present at all times.  

While we have never had any serious coach misconduct issues, you should to spot and report potential warning signs.  If any of he following things occur, please report it to your parents and program administrators immediately:

  • People who promise more play time or let you play all the time in exchange for any favors or "keeping a secret."
  • People who tell you that a team will be disbanded if certain information ever "gets out."
  • People who threaten to quit or have someone (including you) kicked off the team for revealing information.
  • Invitations to events with just you and the adult

Keep in mind that anyone who is intent on taking advantage of a youth will try to use threats and pressure to prevent you from telling others.  

You should report any of the above items AND anything else that makes you uncomfortable.


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