How to get Home Schedule to post it to NPSL

  1. Use the Referee's Website: (Requires ability to log in to the old NYSA website)
    2. Click on "Coach"
    3. Click on "Schedule"
    4. Change the Team ID in the search criteria if required.
  2. Use Sports Engine
    1. This page may not be active yet!!!

For convience the first weekend's home games are posted below.  This website is not the source of truth.  Please refer to the two methods above for the source of truth.


9/11/21 WSF 2 4:30PM NSC B08 Black Cosmos Southlake Select B08 Los Atleticos
9/11/21 NC 2 1:30PM NSC B08 Grey Erickson Tracyton SC B08 Orange
9/11/21 NC 1 12:00PM NSC B09 Black - Fire Storm King FC B09 Thunder Strikers
9/11/21 NC 1 9:00AM NSC B09 Gray - Gladiators BUFC B09 White
9/11/21 WSF 5 10:30AM NSC B10 Black - Nitro Southlake Select B10 Seattle Cafessa
9/11/21 WSF 5 9:00AM NSC B11 Aces Seattle United SH B11 Blue
9/11/21 WSF 1 9:00AM NSC B12 White Fusion Crossfire Select B13 Black
9/11/21 WSF 3 10:15AM NSC B12C Lund Crossfire Select B13 Red
9/11/21 WSF 1 10:15AM NSC B12-Vipers Southlake Select B12 Red
9/11/21 WSF 1 4:30PM NSC G08 Rain MIFC G08 Maroon
9/11/21 NC 1 1:30PM NSC G08C/09B Black Widow Whatcom FC Rangers Select G08
9/11/21 NC 1 10:30AM NSC G09 Riptide Seattle United SH G09 Blue
9/11/21 WSF 6 12:00PM NSC G10 Green-Legends Crossfire Select G10 Black
9/11/21 WSF 6 1:30PM NSC G10C Phoenix Crossfire Select G10 White
9/11/21 WSF 6 10:30AM NSC G11 Green Valor G11 Select Schmidt
9/11/21 WSF 6 9:00AM NSC G11 White - Thunder Crossfire Select G11 White
9/11/21 WSF 3 9:00AM NSC G12B White Seattle United West G12 Blue
9/11/21 NC 1 3:00PM NSC B09 Green - Fury Crossfire Select B09 Black
9/12/21 PK Turf 1:00PM NSC B03 Apex Crossfire Select B03 Black
9/12/21 PK Turf 3:00PM NSC B06 Green Knights Bainbridge Island FC B06 Blue
9/12/21 CPMS Turf 1:00PM NSC B06 White Kingsmen Seattle United South B06 Blue
9/12/21 CPMS Turf 3:00PM NSC B08 Green Raptors BUFC B07 Blue
9/12/21 WSF 1 9:00AM NSC B07 (White) Burn Seattle United SH B07 Blue