TeamSnap Health Check is now Mandatory for all "In-Person" Events.


TeamSnap Health Check is now required for all NSC "In-Person" events.


As we prepare for NPSL games to resume, we want teams to have solid records that all protocols are being followed and to assist with contract tracing in the event of an infection or exposure to COVID.


Please watch the video (1 minute 8 seconds) about the process on the TeamSnap website here:


Before every practice, scrimmage, game, or other "IN-PERSON" NSC event.


All NSC Players and Adult Volunteers who will attend an event.


Q: Why must the health check be performed on the Mobile App (Why doesn't it work on the website)?

A: This is a limitation of the TeamSnap feature which we cannot control.  Please work with your families and let them know that performing the HealthCheck is a requirement of participation in the program which we feel is necessary for the safety and health of the community at large.

Q: Do game spectators need to do this?

A: The only exception is for spectators (subject to rules which allow spectators at a given field location).  But ideally, spectators will hold themselves to the same standard of respect for the community health as the participants.  Think about it this way: if I know that the tool would tell my child to stay home if my child had these symptoms or risk factors, then I should stay home too if I have any of those same symptoms or risks factors.

Q: What should I do as a Coach or Manager and someone shows up at practice who hasn't done the Health Check?

A: Kindly ask them to complete the Health Check and inform them that it is a requirement for participation.  It is OK to send them back to their parents until the Health Check is complete.

Q: What should I do if I have a baseline condition such as asthma which causes me to have one of these symptoms all the time, and unrelated to COVID?

A: If you have a new symptom which is not part of your "baseline" condition then report it.  If you have a condition which is constantly part of your life, and does not represent a change to your "baseline" condition, and you have approval from your medical provider to participate in sports with that condition then you do not need to report it.  For example, if you have allergies and you have a baseline condition of a sore throat which you rate at a 3 out of 10 on your average day, then you should report it on the health check on a particular day if you have a 4 out of 10 and stay home on that day out of respect for the health of your teamates.  But if you have a sore throat which is inline with your baseline condition and you have no other "new" symptoms then you need not report the condition.  The general idea is to err on the side of caution out of respect for the health and well being of the larger group.

Q: What should I do as a Coach or Manager if a participant shows up at practice who has failed the health check?

A: Tell them that they are not allowed to participate until:

they are symptom free


( have been approved for participation by their medical professional ***OR*** have tested negative for COVID ).

Q: My player or I have failed the health check, what next?

A: Please check-in with your Coach or Manager to get the next steps, and to let them know exactly what is going on.

Q: Who can see the results of my health check?

A: The TeamSnap Team Owner and Managers of the team + Select NSC Board Members with "TeamSnap League Commisioner" permissions.